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I'm super excited to speak with students and faculty at Mizzou! Leave a comment Read more »

I’m super excited to speak with students and faculty at Mizzou!

Journalism School to Host Journalist and Author Lisa Palmer

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The New Republic Publishes My Latest Essay “One Meal A Day”

My latest essay, “One Meal A Day,” appears in the July issue of the New Republic. Featuring photographs by Chris De Bode, One Meal A Day,” spotlights the hardships faced by refugees who have fled to Cameroon because of climate change and Boko Haram. Constant…

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Can Ecologists and Engineers Work Together to Harness Water For The Future?

The Pangani River in Tanzania is important for many reasons: its three major dams provide 17 percent of the country’s electricity; it sustains thousands of farmers and herders living in the basin; and its flow of fresh water supports humans, industry, and ecosystems. But most…

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Superstorm Sandy was a kind of storm scientists don’t understand well.

Recently I wrote at Slate Magazine about Superstorm Sandy as she barreled into Maryland. It was 10 am and my editor  just asked me to write about whether Sandy’s enormous size was related to climate change. Or, should we assume all storms have a global…

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Climate Concerns in Boardrooms, But in Business Magazines?

Mention the words business risk and climate change to Howard Kunreuther of Penn’s Wharton School, and he’ll tell you about big changes in risk management in the corporate world. Yet major business periodicals appear to lag behind corporate boardrooms in increasing the awareness of risks posed…

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Digging into climate change, students find more than science

To find the vanguard of climate education in the United States, keep an eye on four teachers in Maryland’s Wicomico County public school district. Using field trips, editorial cartoons, even parent objections, they’re taking climate change far from the science classroom. By Lisa Palmer for…

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Water: The Next Sustainability Bombshell

Oil might hog the headlines, but many experts believe water is the commodity that’s particularly bad for consumer goods groups. When brewing giant SABMiller tentatively released its “blue sky” plans in 2010 for a floating brewery that could be towed from port to port depending…

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Earth’s vitals signs go unmeasured

Satellites are eyes and ears for many professions, but their observations give scientists who study climate change the only means to precisely monitor Earth systems worldwide. The New York Times’ recent cover story on glaciers touched on this point. But satellites aren’t built to last…

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Artists can scream. Scientists can’t.

Of all the ways the media has tried to communicate the need to adapt to the consequences of climate change, two points stand out. One is adequately addressing the nuances of science. The other is how to make climate change adaptation and mitigation issues tangible…

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With Federal, Global Regs at Standstill … Courts Become Front Line on Climate Change

Climate change litigation is in its infancy, but experts predict growth in number of battles fought within the legal system. Seven years ago, the United States court system became involved with making decisions on climate change. Today, in the absence of federal legislation, courts more…

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