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Digging into Climate Change, U.S. Students Find More Than Science

Using field trips, editorial cartoons and even parental objections, four innovative teachers are bringing global warming out of the science classroom. The Daily Climate has the second story in my two-part series.

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Climate science education graduates to the next level

Like evolution, climate science has opened rifts in classrooms across the United States. Educators are lifting climate out of its narrow unit in middle school science – an effort, they hope, that will improve science literacy overall. Read the first … Continue reading

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PETER GLEICK: What would it take to provide all people with access to clean water?

BY LISA PALMER When PETER GLEICK is invited to give a speech, chances are good he’ll receive a cup of tap water to quench his thirst. “The people who put bottled water on the podium are increasingly embarrassed, and that’s good,” … Continue reading

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Spending on science

Funding for climate change research is looking healthy despite austerity measures and conservatives clamouring for cuts. My latest story appears in Nature Climate Change.

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Water: The Next Sustainability Bombshell

Oil might hog the headlines, but many experts believe water is the commodity that’s particularly bad for consumer goods groups. When brewing giant SABMiller tentatively released its “blue sky” plans in 2010 for a floating brewery that could be towed … Continue reading

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Another Jobs Push

Almost two years ago, I reported on President Obama’s jobs plan, which he outlined in a speech at the Brookings Institution. Time has passed, and yet my report on how to get more Americans back to work couldn’t be more … Continue reading

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Rising Temperatures and Threats to Health

More Concerted Action on Public Health Coming from Medical Community Interests: The public health/climate change connections recognized by the medical establishment might help in informing the public at large. Policy experts say a growing awareness of the public health/climate linkage … Continue reading

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This Week In Earth: Climate Suits

This Week In Earth reports that Texas and 14 other states sued the U.S. government to protest the EPA’s finding that greenhouse gases threaten public health and welfare. Meanwhile, a California judge suspended the cap-and-trade portion of the state’s Global … Continue reading

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Ice Flows: What do 28,000 time-lapse photos tell us about glaciers?

Colorado-based photographer-adventurer James Balog, of the Extreme Ice Survey, is working on a new series of time-lapse images of the ice and glaciers on Mount Everest. In my recent story for Slate, I obtained exclusive use of some of the … Continue reading

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News vs. Views

Science journalism is in big decline. In 1989, 95 U.S. newspapers had dedicated science sections. Today only a third still do. Science blogging now supersedes traditional reporting. What does the shift from mainstream media to blogs and agenda-based media mean … Continue reading

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